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My Soap Box

Anyone who knows me knows that I have strong opinions and that I am not scared of expressing them. I am going to set this page up as a BLOG, where I express my opinions on current events, and people can comment on those opinion. Right now, it is seat of the pants writing, but eventually I will get a round to it and make the site both easy to use and interactive. For now, it is just my opinion with as many references as I can to make it true.

One of the reasons for me doing this is that I hate the censoring and out right lying being done by the main left wing socialist social media sites. Here they can not censor me, but here I am not exposed to much of the world, yet.

To get this started, I have picked a few "contriversial" topics and made pages for them. I expect that I will be adding to this page on a weekly basis, and more so after the snow flies. The topics will be enabled after I have something to show.

Global Warming and
Climate Alarmists
The plandemic
Canadian version
Right to Bear Arms
Western Canadian

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Sept 26, 2021

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