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Global Warming, Climate Change, Climate Cotastrophy, etc.

September 22, 2021

I am going to start this by stating that I am a firm believer that Climate Change is natural, and that man has very little influence on the changing climate. Here is an essay that I wrote for a Facebook Group a while back that describes a few of the things I believe:

Climate Drivers

Just for the record, Global Warming, as spewed by the Cult of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) is a hoax, and has been from day 1. Climate change is a natural phenomena that has been occurring since the earth had an atmosphere. Currently, the main drivers of climate change are:

1. The sun. The main driver of climate on earth is the energy output of the sun. The sun goes through an 11 year cycle where the number of sunspots increases and then decreases. These cycles also get stronger and weaker over about a 200 year period. The sun is currently at the start of a minimum sunspot period which will last for the next 30 to 50 years and has the potential to bring the earth into a new little ice age similar to what occured in the 1700's. The second major factor that the sun does, is the solar wind, coming from active sunspots. This solar wind protects the earth from a percentage of the cosmic rays that cause cloud formation in the atmosphere. Less sunspots, less solar wind, more cosmic rays, more clouds blocking the warming sunlight.

Space Weather Archive
Deep Solar Minimum Fast Approaching
Eurostudies Confirm Sun Dominates Earth's Climate

2. The oceans and the currents in them. Over 99% of the energy that drives climate is stored in the oceans, and as the currents flow that energy moves around. In 2015-16, El Nino, also known as ENSO was affecting northern hemisphere weather, which delayed the cooling down that we are experiencing. Another El Nino started in early 2019 and slowed down that cooling again.

2016/08/11 - 35 papers confirm ocean cycles and the sun are main climate drivers

3. Perturbations in the earth's orbit, identified and now called after Prof. Milankovitch. The Milankovitch cycles are at about 23,000 years, 41,000 years and 100,000 years, and are the main causes of the ice ages, and interglacial periods (which we are living in one).

Milankovitch Cycles
Cosmic Cycles and not Carbon Dioxide control Climate

CO2, and all green house gases act as a buffer to maintain temperature and have nothing to do with climate change. Here is a paper (downloadable in PDF format) that describes the physics of this:

Role of Greenhouse Gases


This study examines the concept of 'greenhouse gases' and various definitions of the phenomenon known as the 'Atmospheric Radiative Greenhouse Effect'. The six most quoted descriptions are as follows:

  1. radiation trapped between the Earth's surface and its atmosphere;
  2. the insulating blanket of the atmosphere that keeps the Earth warm;
  3. back radiation from the atmosphere to the Earth's surface;
  4. Infra Red absorbing gases that hinder radiative cooling and keep the surface warmer than it would otherwise be - known as 'otherwise radiation';
  5. differences between actual surface temperatures of the Earth (as also observed on Venus) and those based on calculations;
  6. any gas that absorbs infrared radiation emitted from the Earth's surface towards free space.
It is shown that none of the above descriptions can withstand the rigors of scientific scrutiny when the fundamental laws of physics and thermodynamics are applied to them.

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